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Dragon Ball Super episode 107 : “Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!”


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  • Patrick

    jajajaja Freezaclone kills/eliminates Roshi and goku transforms

    Picollo might get killed/elliminated later on and Gohan might evolve

    (IK its illegal. but if its cool, ;] )

  • Micaiah Adedeji
  • Beerus Sama
  • Jimmy Eckhardt

    this episode airs on the 17e NOT TOMMOROW

  • Samuel Shank

    I want it

  • Rafi Snappy

    WHAT THE FU*K where is the episode did i mis something??!?!

  • Abdul Rehman
    • Sam

      fake you arswhole!

      • Rouge Krama Macaluso


    • Sam

      you peice of crap its preview for next episode! hoooo!

  • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time

    Fuji TV will not airing “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 107 on Sunday, Sept. 10 as the show is on a hiatus.

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  • Maria Elvis

    may be this is working

  • Maria Elvis
    • JC

      Your link is wrong, that’s 106 again…

  • Beerus Sama

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    • Truth


      • Beerus Sama

        its not scam bro the episode not released this week ill upload when it released

        anyway sorry

  • Herky Derky


    100% NO SCAM:


    • Necro

      ty man best show ever

    • Goku Jr


  • Alexander Friedman

    Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 Here and its not fake

    • https://www.inconite.com/ Rajan Sharma

      it didn’t work

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  • Alexander Friedman
  • Dionisius Rosadhi

    Wtf frustrating wait another week 😠

  • Beerus Sama
  • Beerus Sama
  • TheGameChanger Invincible

    WATCH EPISODE 107 HERE 1080p H


  • TheGameChanger Invincible

    There is story of episodes 7


  • cyberpunk takashi

    brah i literally just got ready today to watch it got my food out and everything and there now saying were on a hiatus what the hell

    • Aiden Millar

      yea same, was pumped up to watch it only to find out its not out.

    • cameron brown

      you and me both bro! was so hyped to watch it and then i saw this like wtf

    • Akaalis Aristorenas

      You guys ever heard of Wakfu before? This should stimulate our DBS action-styled cravings in the meantime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KOH2Ocy778

    • Jose Zapien

      Bruh same here I got #4 McDonald’s meal coffee & strawberry pie fuk man ruined my sunday

      • Sssshhhego Pheonix (SeXyChAoS)

        Food is better when you really enjoy it without much distraction lol(at least for me). Also just 6 days and 2 hours 6 days and 2 hours. hahahahahha I want it. But if you do enjoy the food with the show then that does suck. On another note My sunday wasn’t ruined cause my bro missed the last 3 and I rewatched them with him. Different experience when I don’t have to read the subtitles. This is part of the reason why Dub is da best. But I can’t wait. Dub isn’t even close to where we at now lol. And now for some classic evil Vegeta BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22f766bad6e628de94de6e5022d4ce5a7952480eac524b06f5f14ba765cab110.gif

  • Grace Martin

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 HD ENglish Sub

  • Adam Jensen

    So not only is the latest English dubbed version delayed, but the next sub version is on hiatus as well. siiiigh.

  • Beerus Sama
  • JC

    If you found your way here somehow. There’s no episode this week guys. Oh and don’t bother with the links below unless you wanna support that 1 dude trying to get you to go to his site so he can collect revenue from pop ups and clicks.

  • Adam Jensen

    It turns out someone leaked a spoiler for this episode which is probably why it is on hiatus.

  • Beerus Sama

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  • Aaron
  • Subash Ghimire

    What the hell, no episode today, this suvks man,,, i was ready to eat n watch..

  • Beerus Sama
  • Beerus Sama
  • Solly Muwaniri

    these people are so lazy

  • TheGameChanger Invincible

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  • Syahmi04

    Fuck this shit…I have been waiting so long to watch this episode…and now I must wait for another week!!Fuck youuu😠😠😠😠

  • Beerus Sama
  • TheGameChanger Invincible

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Sub


  • Cybertrooper

    Where 107?????😭😭😭😭😭
    What the kamekamehaaa abuana banananana…shit….

  • Samuel Mcknight

    Fuck going on here? First Hurricane Irma now this smfh

  • AAKASH Singh

    WATCH EPISODE 107 spoilers goku vs jirend fight and vegeta vs frost from universe 6


  • AAKASH Singh

    WATCH EPISODE 108 spoilers vegeta out from the ring by frost of universe 6


  • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time

    “Dragon Ball Super” episode won’t air this week. It will be replaced by some sort of the documentary about Japan’s history…

  • Beerus Sama
  • Ronald Fredrik Karwur

    Ok , you just kill my mood today

  • Freeasabird

    Oh Fuck off… Sigh >_<

  • Adam Jensen

    Why the hell was unfunimation blocking the original Japanese versions? It makes no sense.

  • Matthew Carrasco

    The 17th? Are you kidding me?

  • Brodey Jones

    When will they release this episode

  • Tyler Trent

    Such a huge disappointment. They have skipped SO many weeks of episodes already, and now they want to push the day back to every Sunday night!?

    • Zach Miller

      THey pushed it back because they are gonna be doing special episodes for 108/109 as big episodes I believe

    • Hugo Sargaço

      Don’t cry so much. You will get a special episode of 1 whole hour.

  • Beerus Sama

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  • Dragon Ball Super Episode

    Watch Complete Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 in HD here : http://dragonballuniverse.club/dragon-ball-super-episode-107-subbed/

  • hj

    what time is the episode

  • Alexander Friedman
    • Jerzy Vellinga

      i’m getting hyped

    • Anime ARJ

      yeah me too

  • Beerus Sama
  • D rex

    Where is the English subtitles?

  • Diosa Tich

    Maldito Frost ojala Vegeta lo elimine de una vez por toda a ese miserable de Frost

  • Ash

    Trash series, worst character creation worse than gay porn, worst storyline, forever 48minutes.

    • Fortune Boy

      don’t watch..

    • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time

      Go get some help.

    • Baphomet

      hey dont diss gay porn

    • Atomic

      ‘Worst character creation”…wut
      “Worst storyline” Did DBZ ever have an amazing storyline? no. It was just strong ass guys appearing outta nowhere and posing as massive threats to the universe which is why we all love dbz, for the action. And super is now doing the exact same thing. Get your facts straight before you start spewing bullshit that you can’t even back up.

      • Ash

        what do I need to back up for against random internet fags’ arguments? There’s a fair storyline from series 1-3 , Goku’s growing up, championships, marriage, family, origin of sayans etc after that Gohan’s school life and goes on till Boo’s defeat, then after ””5yrs ”” Boo’s reincarnation, his fleeing with little boo for another journey and starting of GT leaving your stupid point where all you ever noticed in the 4 series was appearing strong guys out of the blue which is absolutely normal in a fantasy anime, also it’s just you, don’t use ‘we’ so carelessly, I need to start watching fairy-tail, one-piece and other bs to be like you.
        Now then we know your tiny brain couldn’t absorb all of it together and I don’t need it to explain random internet people like you but well have some free time rn let me lighten you up what did I mean by ‘worst storyline’ , I reallyyyyyy hope you understand that the dbs story is supposed to be placed before GT begins and even before reincarnation of Boo at the z series, in that ‘5yrs’ I previously mentioned to be more clear. But unfortunately we find our heroes are out of Godly Juice in the GT series or in the end of z.
        For ‘worst character design’ people who’ve the eyes can clearly see the differences in the looks of characters among Z,GT and SP. Besides that we noticed that there’s a mouse, an elephant, Joker and Harley among the Gods of 12 universe. Don’t you think they should have get more alien like characteristics?

      • Ash

        Wth do I need back up for against random internet fags like you, I’ll just send my buddy Pikachu to send you to the next world and you can stay with Dabura. You’re just a dumb kid who just watches popular action anime and talks randomly on the internet. You couldn’t find any storyline in 4 dragonball series but only watched random guys kicking each other butts and you’ve been lovin it, just great, you’re dumber than a Koala, nobody in their right mind would ever discuss with you anything that matters to them. Did you see an Elephant, Harley and Joker as Gods of the far universes, those are your favorite characters right? My last advise for you is just stay in the dark, don’t give votes and don’t get married and don’t reply here or anywhere cuz normal people don’t reply to morons, you’ll just annoy them.

      • Ash

        Wth do I need back up for against random internet fags like you, I’ll just send my buddy Pikachu to send you to the next world in ashes,get it ? haha and you can stay with Dabura. You’re just a dumb kid who just watches popular action anime and talks randomly on the internet. You couldn’t find any storyline in 4 dragonball series but only watched random guys kicking each other butts and you’ve been lovin it, just great, you’re dumber than a Koala, nobody in their right mind would ever discuss with you anything that matters to them. Did you see an Elephant, Harley and Joker as Gods of the far universes, those are your favorite characters right? My last advise for you is just stay in the dark basement, don’t give votes and don’t get married and don’t reply here or anywhere cuz normal people don’t reply to morons, you’ll just annoy them.

  • Beerus Sama
    • Lee

      stop promoting your shitty site.

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    its not subed

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    how do i turn on the english subtitles?

    • YY

      its not subbed, just wait an hour

  • Jason Richard Farver

    so how long to sub the episode?

    • Erocky Fey


  • steafgt

    Watch Complete Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Subbed in HD here https://goo.gl/NdHgm7

    • Super Simba

      Slut bucket

  • Zam Well

    who cares about subbed.. atleast we got DBS this week >.< ill just wait for subbed until its up XD

    • Zam Well

      oh its already subbed

      • Shawn Doiron

        yeah it has been for the past 5 mins lol good timing

  • Lokesh

    No sound why ?

  • Wayan Suarjaya

    goku new form?

  • Beerus Sama
  • K Joseph

    If vegeta was eliminated i wouldve stop watching drangon ball super forever

    • MrSingle89

      I agree, vegeta has alway been overlooked. Id be very surprised if he was to be the one who won the tournament.

    • AAKASH Singh

      Watch spoilers of 108 episode
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    • Adienl

      Exactly what I had said to myself while watching this.

    • Prajjwal Mehta

      Vegeta needs his moment, it has been too long.

      • Ricky Bias

        absolutely agree 1billion %

    • Hugo Sargaço

      Well surprisingly in the Super manga (which is behind the anime but better so far) Vegeta is as strong as Goku lol, pretty much at the same level, and he doesn’t get so shafted. But oh well this comes from long ago zz

      • K Joseph

        At least some real fans see where im coming from with that statement.

      • JUX

        Yeah I don’t think people remember during the Zamasu arc that Vegeta was the one who forced them to fuse… becoming stronger than Goku at that point… to me I think it’s clear they are at the same level until Goku new form

      • Marvz Ewanko

        Yeah that sounds about right. I haven’t read the manga, but vegeta definitely trained more in the time place potato. He’s probably 60 years old now lul

      • Aaron Soldier

        Vegeta is NOT more powerful than Goku, thats a false lie. Hes a weak character and I hope he dies, just to pi$$ off the fanboys lol

        • Stu Art

          Agreed Aaron…. mostly. Although I wouldn’t call him a weak character by any stretch of the imagination, the Vegeta fanboys are delusional to think that he is as strong or stronger than Goku. I hate him and also hope he dies or at least is eliminated soon.

        • Hugo Sargaço

          Srcub, did someone say he was stronger? Learn how to read before making a retard out of yourself. They are pretty much equal in power, also DB is not all about Goku, you don’t need to be a fanboy to get a clue of that, but i see that you are a goku fanboy (which is not a problem if you weren’t the kind that only pays attention to goku) so it’s a waste of time to explain you the obvious kid.

      • inbrud

        Better? let me remind you that the manga has had even more asspulls than the anime. have you forgotten about when goku fucking used hakai?

        • Hugo Sargaço

          Oh really mate? Want me to count how many asspulls anime has had until now? Because there are more than 10 then, and they are equally bad.

        • Hugo Sargaço

          Funny thing you talk about manga asspulls and can only mention the obvious one, and pretty much the only one whhich has happened lol. Don’t try so hard to deffend the anime, it is worse than the manga.

    • The mind

      So you would have stopped watching dragonbal super because it would start having actual plot? Ok then.

      • K Joseph

        Plot? They wouldve made vegeta look like yamcha. How could vegeta be the 2nd strongest 85% of time.. ( with the exception of Kid Gohan Buu series with ssj2 ) He always give us 15 to 30 seconds of unstoppable vegeta and the gets own every single time, every single time. I think when vegeta character was created they didnt expect it to be a fan favorite like he is. Forget the Prince but the King of All Sayains cant get 1 arc… Goku is my guy and so is future trunks he has that cold blooded mentality like his dad but come on DBS quit make vegeta look like a pushover

        • The mind

          You just described the majority of the fan base. There are no real martial attacks and strategies on this anime. Vegeta let his guard down multiple times and should somehow be damaged for this. The end.

          • saiyans got skills

            He only let down his guard because it was written that way. It’s stated again and again that Vegeta is a fighting genius and probably has better strategy then Goku, and yet because the writers don’t want to give Vegeta any spotlight they ignore the character traits wrote for him and have him make stupid mistakes like that and always end up getting beaten by the villain.

          • The mind

            He’s nowhere near a fighting genius. I don’t remember a single fight where Vegeta proved to be genius,on the contrary,it is constantly shown that Goku is a fighting genius.

          • CursedRyuk

            the vegeta dick riding is real, yes vegeta is cool and it would be nice if he did more, but the fact alone that goku was raised by martial artists while vegeta was just a prick killing saibamen without having a clue how to fight properly, is what makes Goku better. Vegeta will never be smarter then Goku in terms of fighting period.

          • HellStorm Demonoid

            Vegeta literally made goku unmovable and slapped him like bitch! ahahahah that scene!!

          • Stupidity hurts

            Did you forget that goku was hiding SSJ 3 or are you just that stupid?

          • HellStorm Demonoid

            For your height of fagottry I wanna say do you remember those bitchslaps on goku by majin vegeta? XDD fail mate so fail!!

          • Shambles1980TRealOne

            Lets just imagine for a second that it was vegeta who drank ultra devine water not goku when they were 11..
            imagine that shit..

          • HellStorm Demonoid


          • Darrel Byers

            You are allowing the poor writing to limit your thinking. If Vageta is royalty and is smarter and more cold blooded that Goku then at some point, logically he’d be stronger than Goku.
            The difference in Vageta is the conceited genius while Goku is the talented dummy. This dichotomy plays out in a lot of manga/anime series… Naruto/Sasuke, Ichigo/ Uryu… and so on. In all the other series, except DB, we see the dummy working hard to catch the Genius.

          • Nicholas Burroughs

            Just to give an example of when it was proven that vegeta was said to be a genius. When vegeta had just destroyed android 19 and bluffed dr. gero into retreating, piccolo clearly says hes a genius when it comes to fighting.
            But back in the freeza arc, vegeta knew he was completely outmatched and planned accordingly. The problem with the cell saga, buu saga, and now is hes way overconfident in his ability

        • Danniel Tobin-Oviatt

          Yeah I get what you mean completely, it’s the same rinse and repeat BS every time. Steps to create a dragon ball “Plot”:
          Step 1. Vegeta gets enough power to rival Goku
          Step 2. Vegeta challenges the villain and gets a chance to be the “hero”
          Step 3. Vegeta gets his ass kicked through any variety of ways
          Step 4. Goku saves the day
          same shit every time

          • João Carmona

            Yes, goku never loses any fights in the show, only vegeta.
            (Sarcasm btw, goku gets beaten by everyone including vegeta (and at one point even tien), also he was evenly matched with yamcha and krillin previously)
            What you described only happened in dbz and even there gohan kinda broke the loop

        • Shambles1980TRealOne

          feel bad for Vegeta.. But have you seen what happend to yamcha and tien?? that shit is weak lol

    • Omark

      What pisses me off is that our Freeza gets literally no showtime

      • CursedRyuk

        We will see frieza in the next episode

        • Omark

          Yes but I am really angry if they throw away Frieza like that. Fuck DBS than

    • https://m.facebook.com/don.m.brooks?ref=bookmarks TheeTruth


    • Mark Breaux


    • Noobz Threefortyseven

      I figured he was going to come out of that thing a LOT more pissed than what he did. Great end to Master Roshi’s fight but definitely a missed opportunity for a Vegeta tantrum. It occurs to me that if they allowed it to happen, there might not be an arena left to stand on.

      One other thought that occurred to me when Vegeta landed in the trap: He’s been experimenting with some ability that he’s used to twice destroy the parabolic time chamber. I wonder just how long that jar would have held Vegeta.

      • Damo Jaroszek

        The room of spirit and time aka “hyperbolic” time chamber didn’t have a seal on it so the jar would have held for good, duh

      • Damo Jaroszek

        You really are a noob lol

      • Damo Jaroszek

        The room of spirit and time aka the “hyperbolic” time chamber dose not seal in those who enter but the jar dose so the jar would have held for good, duh.

      • Aaron Soldier

        Master Roshi is a terrible old character, i’m so tired of Toriyama using these same old a$$ characters, can we please MOVE on to new characters? What was the point of giving Master Roshi some BS powerup, the nigga hasn’t been relevant since DB in the 80s

        • Shambles1980TRealOne

          Yeah new characters and lets re make GT.., Fuck off lol.

        • Turd Phobia

          Then why don’t you watch a “NEW” show? It seems to me like you don’t want to watch DBS at all, so why bother?

      • Marley Smith

        That’s true he might’ve escaped because of that… didn’t even think of that… maybe that’s why he was already transformed… he was powering up by master Rossi already was there

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

      Trust! they never do vegeta right in this anime! i understand its supposed to follow the life of Goku but common writers! i still think it would have been a cool plot if:

      Master Roshi had died in that earlier fight which caused Goku to go Berserk and go into his strongest form and start fighting for real. Goku would defeat most of the fighters except maybe Toppo, Jiren, Hit, and a few of the other strongest. he would eventually tire out from using too much power and get eliminated by Jiren easily. this would leave the rest of the Universe 7 fighters to have to win without Goku so everyone would start working more tactically together. eventually the fight would come down to something like Vegeta and Gohan vs Jiren with Frieza still alive, then Frieza would try and betray them and do something to piss Vegeta off beyond limits, and Vegeta would go berserk and knock Frieza out, then barely beat Jiren with the help of Gohan.

      • Darrel Byers

        I don’t think Vegeta could ever beat Frieza. He spent so much time underneath him that it would be a huge mental block to suddenly fight him without that “Big Brother” mentality.

        • Gregor Macdonald

          So did you watch the Revival of F at all?

          • Darrel Byers

            Hmm… Is it just me or is this “Movie” just the dubbed version or Dragon Ball Super episodes 19-27? I kinda had forgotten about that. Vegetta kicked his but but then blew it.

      • Noor Iskandar Bin Subehan

        won’t happen. Frieza has a trick on his sleeves for frost. He’s dirty tactics makes U7 unlikeable and you see, frost was about to attack freeza. But surely freeza will defeat him out of the ring easily. Freeza have Dirty plans after all. Making Frost thinking he team up with him in the end is not. Is to make frost ring out LOL

    • Darrel Byers

      I always thought it was clear that Vegeta was kakarat’s equal in strength. The difference is in temperament and disposition. Goku is kinda dumb but his happy go lucky ways makes it easier for him to learn faster. Vegeta see that he’s falling behind Kakarot and and works his ass off to catch up.

    • Aaron Soldier

      Waaaaahhh cry vegeta fan boys cry…man I can’t wait till this bum a$$ n*gga dies

      • Daniel Sweat

        You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Vegeta is probably the most developed character in the entire series. They make a point in Battle of Gods to illustrate this. You’re just blinded by bias.

      • Shambles1980TRealOne

        Vegeta is probably the most developed charicter in all of DB

      • Blutquell

        obvious troll is obvious

      • João Carmona

        Are u even watching this saga?

    • William Pratt

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    • Marley Smith

      Bruh me too

    • Darius Carlton

      Dude as I watching I was literally thinking the same thing…if they make Vegeta go out on some lame shit like that I may never watch again.

    • Freeasabird

      I’m sure he’ll survive up until everyone but him and Goku survive, and then he’ll get eliminated and of course Goku saves the universe as per usual. Hopefully Goku and Vegeta are the last two left standing, that would be preferable.

  • Bennet Jackson

    It appears Roshi will not die after all! Great episode I wonder what will happen to Frieza after betraying Gohan?

    • Orthanius

      It might just be me, but did it look like Frost was charging up an attack when Frieza turned his back to him?

      • Bennet Jackson

        No look like he is doing it Frieza deserve it after all

    • Broken Swiss Superman 2.0

      Looks like Gohan will have to beat respect into Freeza hahaha

      • Bennet Jackson

        Yeah I agree!

  • shubham mali

    Where is one hour special episode

    • MrSingle89

      its starts Oct 8th

  • Beerus Sama
  • Beerus Sama

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  • Cheslan Williams
  • Brian

    Roshi the goat

  • http://elgransuspiro.com Jorge Daniel Sampayo Vargas

    8:18 NANI?! Omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Danny Raules

    Damn….I cant believe Vegeta fell for that trap. Master Roshi said it best during his episode that his students rush into things without thinking. Master Roshi also manage to save Vegeta. Master Roshi and Vegeta are my favorite characters. This was fun to see…however it didn’t show growth on Vegeta’s part when it comes to using his brains…which pisses me off to no end. I hope if he fights Hit….that he will redeem his loss and also show much improved intelligence in the battle field. He has to catch up to Goku.

  • metalsystem761

    Beerus respects Master Roshi out of everyone there! xD

  • Nader Jallouk

    where is the hour special they promised

  • Atomic

    Is it me or is Dragon ball super starting to give off the good ol’ dbz vibe from the fight scenes now

    • Lashaun P Beazer

      Was it Gohan’s Kamehameha in the end that got you?

    • U$A_Bandit

      This episode was dope bro cant wait for next week.

    • Boogieman

      I think you are delusional. The manga gives off more of a DBZ feel than this shit.

    • Parth

      Yeah me too

  • Anime_Man

    I was about to fucking throw my iPad across my room if that cheap trap got Vegeta eliminated

    • K Joseph

      I expect vegeta to ROAST frost .. nobody keeps a grudge like him

  • Mares Fillies

    Master Roshi is so BEASSSSTTT <3 He is the one true warrior here.

  • Som Harsh

    Now I m getting fed up they need to speed it up

  • Beerus Sama
  • sun light
  • alexsayanone

    Well all am gonna say is dbz was way better than this for fucking 5 yr olds bullshit

    • Mustafa Al-Assad

      Then don’t watch super simple no need to cry like a child

  • Beerus Sama
  • Beerus Sama
  • AAKASH Singh

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  • Whoopsie Land

    One hour episode, what happened to that???

  • Jack Nighthock

    I thought 2day was an hr worth episode 😭😭😭

  • Churro ^.^

    Hour episode 10/7/17 🙂

    • Shifterino

      7.10.17 in non retard date.

      • Casey Paskel

        Lol, yeah, The US (and a couple other countries maybe) use some backwards ass dates.

        • Enix

          It goes month, day, year because you don’t say “28th of September, 2018” you say “September 28th, 2018.” don’t really see how that’s backwards at all.

          • Raikyy

            Day-Month-Year looks better written.
            Either way is good when you’re speaking it out though.

          • Blutquell

            In the past, people would write it exactly like that (day, month, year) before retarded USA existed, even in English.

      • Enix

        You’re just salty.

  • AugustAPC

    Probably one of the better episodes of this series. I still makes absolutely no sense that Roshi would be able to do a single thing to any of these competitors, but they gave him a good showing, if not a little overdone. It was good to see Vegeta show him respect, though.

    Honestly, I would have liked to see Vegeta have been eliminated. It would have actually been a surprise. I may actually have been intrigued, which has only happened like once or twice in all of Super.

    • Hugo Sargaço

      How so, you are understimating Mafuba, also it’s not like he can use it anytime he wants, his body pays a huge price.

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah it would have been but first Vegata has to use his full power and fight like a bear. Getting kicked out like that would be really bullshit. Maybe Gohan gets eliminated next episode fighting Frieza or Frost or whoever?! Well ofc not but one can hope 🙂

  • Vyom Jayaswal

    Loved the episode but how stupid it is that Goku runs to save Master Roshi instead of using instant transmission. Something like this is too hard to ignore !

    • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

      Lol he has so many abilities, sometimes you forget what you can do ..ahh who am i kidding.. its plot convenience

    • Darrel Byers

      How when it was all said and done he was still over there fucking around with that fat chick? He hadn’t even powered up yet. lol

      • The Dude

        Lol I figure he actually is fighting fat sailor moon while roshi and vegeta san are dealing with frosty his sidekick fat megaman

    • The Dude

      Is Goku even allowed to use instant transmission? I don’t remember him doing it in the match yet + people aren’t allowed to fly, I’d think Instant Transmission would be sure fire cheating because you can just use it to get back to the stage over and over

  • SSJameus

    I have SO many things wrong with this episode it ain’t even funny.
    Okay for real, how the FUCK did Frost:
    A) know how use the Mafuba Reflection

    B) seal Vegeta on HIS FIRST TRY?
    Frost has never SEEN the Mafuba before the Tournament so I don’t know HOW he knew how to reflect the fucking attack, and sealing Vegeta on his FIRST ATTEMPT? Not even GOKU got the seal on his first try when he was practising during the Future Trunks arc. Roshi has TONS more experience with the Mafuba, if it was his first try trying to seal Frost he wouldn’t have missed. Frost would’ve been OUT. Frost literally saw the attack ONCE and was like “Oh yeah lmao I can do that now because I ALSO KNOW HOW TO REFLECT IT”.
    Might I remind that the Mafua Reflection was created and used by Demon King Piccolo during the original Dragonball? I don’t give a shit if people wanted to see that make a return, Frost being able to use that technique is complete bullshit and the fact he sealed Vegeta FIRST ATTEMPT is even more bullshit.

    Also, where the fuck was GOKU during that whole thing? He literally calls out for Roshi, tells Ribrianne to get out of his way and then? Just fucking stands there like a lemon? Also why did he RUN and NOT use INSTANT TRANSMISSION? He could’ve gotten over to Roshi in a split second, took him to safety and then take on Frost. I was legit pissed off at Goku this episode. But nowhere NEAR as much as I was with Frost, holy shit.
    This episode was just awful. And yes, I’m also not happy with how Roshi attempted the Mafuba multiple times in a row. Seeing his buff form was nice I guess, but I feel like they overdid the Mafuba to the point where I just didn’t like it.

  • GoldenFrieza

    i think Frieza is just acting and he is completly shure Frost will try to back stab him,my opinion is that he will obltterate Frost in an instant after dodnging his attack.P.S sorry for my spelling.

  • Broken Swiss Superman 2.0

    Oh man looks like Frost is gonna betray Freeza!!!

  • U$A_Bandit

    Jiren is already a damn dbz legend and he hasnt even fought Goku or anyone in a full match yet. Lol

  • Beerus Sama
  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

    Frost is going to attempt a betrayal on Frieza….and it will backfire.

    • The Dude

      Ultimately Frieza isn’t just stronger than Frost, he’s got wayyy more on the line. Frieza will definitely want his team to win. Of course, Frost likely also has intentions to betray Frieza. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they KO each other

  • Mr. Burns

    Beerus calls them baldies despite the fact that he is a sphinx cat who has no hair, talk about a hypocrite.

  • Dragonballmaster

    I wish that goku or vegeta would get mad like the old days they are too happy and aren’t using their anger

    • d3rd3vil

      Just wait till Goku fights Jiren….

  • Denis Aquino

    The only acceptable elimination Vegeta could have is by killing Freeza. Any other elimination I’ll stop watching DBS.

  • d3rd3vil

    Well not really a good episode again….Jiren showed his power, thats what the spoilers said. Yeah well…..it looked amazing but still nothing.
    Vegeta being trapped for a few seconds…boring. Man I really wanna see Goku and Jiren now. The other stuff is just fillershit NONSTOP its not enough. First let Jiren and Goku eliminate themselves, thats ok, and then show the other bitches.

  • CursedRyuk

    Why is it so hard to admit that Frost is smart people? I like this, He is not strong compared to Vegeta/Goku/Gohan etc. but he is smart, I’m not angry that Vegeta almost lost to this, its his own fault for being stupid. The only thing that pissed me off was that Frost managed to aim the mafuba right, while he had 2 stupid episodes of Goku not being able to aim properly.

  • DBz forever

    Comon vegeta is a huge character is this whole db arc please don’t make him such weak im a goku fan but vegeta has the respect he earned it let him shine like goku after all they both are the stars of bds

  • Karol Chruzik

    gimme that sweet one hour wrestlemania with goku new form already

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

    Sometimes i wish this show could just have a really short arc that just focuses on quality plot/animation with realistic fights and events and that doesnt drag a supposed 1 hour long tournament for like 20hrs. and I still dont understand how Goku can use instant transmission and still for some reason walks whenever anyone is in trouble. if Goku just properly used his abilities and fighting prowess, this tournament would have gone waaayyyyy faster. And stop making Vegeta look so retarded. this guy is supposed to be a super smart fighter yet they make him look disabled. its starting to annoy me.

    Btw this was actually a good episode but still.

  • Nicholas Burroughs

    Hm, do they rlly need to use those jars for the evil containment wave? Wudnt it be so much easier to throw them out of bounds? But srsly, Frost said he had a strategy. Since he didnt know about the evil containment wave before, it didnt seem like much of a plan

  • Kibin

    Next will be picolo then frieza. Remove all the guys with no hair wahahaha

    • Parth

      This anime is all about hair only black ,blue,red,golden,lol

  • Nick

    I really hope, that until the end of the Tournament, Goku will go SSGSS3 (against Jiren)! Finall form at last and after that they can shut the anime for good.
    Vegeta is right now as strong as Goku, but Goku is always one step ahead. But I think thak Vegeta could be match to Hit. Would be interesting to watch.

  • Parth

    Though I am goku fan but why isnt vegeta been given a chance to show his power

  • Damo Jaroszek

    The room of spirit and time aka the “hyperbolic” time chamber dose not seal in those who enter but the jar dose so the jar would have held for good.

  • levi

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  • Deus Vult

    Jesus christ these comments are cancerous…

  • Aaron Soldier

    Lol I can’t wait till Jiren rapes Vegeta hard and all the little fanboys cry lmao

  • Aaron Soldier

    Why the hell are they trying to make us feel sorry for MASTER ROSHI? I mean cmon hes a terrible character, doesn’t he spend all his time raping Women?

  • Aaron Soldier

    What was the point of having Frieza in this arc, if we only see him a few freaking times? I’m so done with Super

  • Alice Fateburn

    That RAPE face at 14:23

  • Mr. Burns

    Unrelated but does anyone know of a good place to watch The Orville? I tried watching it directly on fox.com but it has like 6 ad breaks which are insufferable to watch through, and they are baked into the actual video so they can’t be blocked.

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  • Ahmed

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    i love vegeta so much. his attitude and careness about his family are awesome.

  • Walter M. Felker

    full animations 2017


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    Will vegeta ever get his time to shine over goku show some dependency on the prince

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    Of course Frost somehow gets away, even though Vegeta can sense energy. Just a plethora of inconsistencies with this show.

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